Hear from our founders, students, and alumni about the importance of accelerated career development programs.

From Beginner To Coder hero

From Beginner To Coder

Lauren Burton -

One of the most common questions our Covalence team gets from our applicants is “do I need coding experience to take a coding course?” The answer is no.

Who hires developers anyways? hero

Who hires developers anyways?

Matt Landers -

We often hear complaints from students that there aren't any tech companies or startups in their city, but developers are everywhere not just in tech.

My Road to Microsoft by 19 Years Old hero

My Road to Microsoft by 19 Years Old

Matt Landers -

When I was getting into tech, the industry was much different. Not everyone had computers, and there were no smartphones. The internet was new, and you accessed it through AOL or other similar services.

College Job -- Waiter or Web Developer? hero

College Job -- Waiter or Web Developer?

Matt Landers -

Most people choose to wait tables, work retail, or a myriad of other low paying jobs while they also try to get a well-rounded college education in the form of a 4-year degree.