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Clay Terry - Music Teacher to Developer hero

Clay Terry - Music Teacher to Developer

Kimberly Demby -

They say musicians make great software developers. Thanks to their performance background, attention to detail, and innate need to perfect their parts, musicians tend to be analytical, logical and methodical—skills that the best coders also possess. Clay Terry was no exception.

Walkthrough - CSS Animations hero

Walkthrough - CSS Animations

Matt Landers -

A student asked a question in Gravity about CSS animations, and Matt is here with a quick walkthrough before we publish our new module.

Who hires developers anyways? hero

Who hires developers anyways?

Matt Landers -

We often hear complaints from students that there aren't any tech companies or startups in their city, but developers are everywhere not just in tech.

Coding Bootcamp vs. College hero

Coding Bootcamp vs. College

Kimberly Demby -

Having trouble deciding if a coding bootcamp is a good alternative to a traditional 4 year education? There are many factors. Here’s the breakdown.

My Road to Microsoft by 19 Years Old hero

My Road to Microsoft by 19 Years Old

Matt Landers -

When I was getting into tech, the industry was much different. Not everyone had computers, and there were no smartphones. The internet was new, and you accessed it through AOL or other similar services.

College Job -- Waiter or Web Developer? hero

College Job -- Waiter or Web Developer?

Matt Landers -

Most people choose to wait tables, work retail, or a myriad of other low paying jobs while they also try to get a well-rounded college education in the form of a 4-year degree.