Birmingham Born Coding Bootcamp Announces Expansion and Rebrand

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Birmingham Born Coding Bootcamp Announces Expansion and Rebrand

For Immediate Release: February 1, 2017

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Birmingham, Ala. (Jan 31,2017): Today, Innovation Depot and Platypi announce that its coding bootcamp, formerly operating under the name Depot/U, will be expanding to other markets outside of Alabama and operating under the new identity "Covalence."

Depot/U will continue to be the brand encompassing all educational programs at Innovation Depot including the Covalence Developer Bootcamps and the Mckinsey Social Initiative Generation IT program. The Covalence Extended Bootcamp and Generation IT programs were launched as part of the recently awarded "America's Promise" technology workforce grant. The continued success of the coding bootcamp in Birmingham, with both local and out of state participants, indicated a similar need for the program elsewhere. The first expansion will take place in the city of Chattanooga, TN and will operate in partnership with The Enterprise Center. The first bootcamp classes in Chattanooga will begin later this Spring.

Covalent bonds are created by the interdependency of one unstable atom sharing electrons with another to achieve a stable balance of forces. Just as unstable atoms share electrons to achieve balance, Covalence is sharing its coding expertise with other states in order to balance the demand for skilled employees with a highly trained workforce on a regional and national scale.

Covalence will continue to strengthen and refine its focus on teaching aspiring developers how to code by offering accelerated, demand driven Full Stack and Front End coding programs in multiple states. By establishing a best-practice program with Depot/U at Innovation Depot in Birmingham, Covalence can now bring that expertise to other communities across the country.

Matt Landers, CEO of Covalence, provides further insight into the company's objectives, "What we've done with Covalence is create a unique model based on a three party partnership. We are focused on partnering with cities, startup communities, and employers that are passionate about growing the local technology industry which ensures that the students we train are ready to work for our startup and employer partners as soon as they graduate."

With a new identity comes new aesthetics. The new logo evokes the cyclical, codependent nature of covalent bonds with Covalence being proudly displayed in a bold, clean and streamlined font. The use of grey alludes to the tech oriented nature of Covalence and the green is indicative of prosperity, growth, and success. While the name, logo, and tagline have changed, the fundamental goals of the program remain the same.

Commenting on the success of Depot/U and the expansion of Covalence: "When we initially launched the Depot/U program with Platypi, it was in response to the growing demand for a technology workforce in Birmingham. Our goal was that as the program delivered exceptional results locally, it would be seen as a best practice nationally, with the ability to expand to other communities. We are so proud to have been a leader in this sector, and with the program's expansion to other markets under the Covalence brand, Birmingham should celebrate the success of our community's emergence as a leader in innovation, technology, and startups in the Southeast." says Innovation Depot CEO Devon Laney.

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