Coding is My Superpower, What's Yours?

By Kelsey Nichols - -
Coding is My Superpower, What's Yours?

Superheros are Greek gods of the modern world. These heroic, supernatural characters possess superhuman powers used to serve, protect, and better society by defeating one supervillain at a time. Flying, impossible-strength, invisibility--We've all wanted a superpower at some point in our lives. So what if I told you there was a 21st century superpower and it could be yours?

Until three weeks ago I was employed as a middle school teacher. During my three-year stint in a local public school, I was introduced to the "Hour of Code," which is a initiative to cultivate computer programming education in schools. In a video designed to get students and teachers excited to code, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston described coding as "the closest thing we have to a superpower." His statement got my wheels turning. I thought, "Wait a second. I'm a twenty-something-year-old female with two college degrees and a passion for life and learning. If coding is a highly sought-after, obtainable skill set, what am I waiting for? If coding is a superpower, why am I not chasing it?"

Shortly after this revelation, I put on a proverbial cape and embarked on the journey to attain my own superpower.

I left my job and quickly enrolled in an intensive ten-week coding bootcamp: Covalence. For 40+ hours a week, I learned the basics of the latest web technologies and frameworks. I spent hours working, researching, and problem solving. Tasked with all kinds of problems in labs and homework, I was forced to use both sides of my brain, combining creativity with logic. I woke up early, I worked late, and I did all I could to soak up everything I was learning. It wasn't easy, and that's why it's so valuable.

At the end of this week I will be graduating Covalence and presenting my capstone project, and I want to share my experience with those considering the same career change. As I look at my fully functional website and app, I have a superhuman feeling. It's hard to accurately describe the overwhelming feeling of pride and sense of accomplishment I have, given my coding skills and knowledge at the end of this course.

I didn't cure cancer or write a launch code for NASA, but I created something. I created something from nothing. And that something does things. And those things work.

Coding is now my superpower, what's yours?