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Front End Fundamentals

1-Week full time (M-F 9am-5pm) front end development course. No experience required. Ideal for marketers, designers, project managers, or content managers looking to enhance their current career.


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No Experience Required

Our Front End Course is perfect for Marketers, Graphic Designers, Project Managers, or Content Managers who are looking to enhance their careers. The skills you learn in Front End Fundamentals will allow you to make basic website design edits and/or better communicate with your team of developers.

Coding Fundamentals
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Not A Career Altering Course

This course is not intended to be a career-altering course. You learn the basics of web development, which will help enhance your current career. We do not offer job placement or career guidance for this course.


Web Basics

Web Basics

From Programming concept fundamentals to interacting with DOM. Students will learn not only how to make their websites look good, but also the essential building blocks to making a website fully functional. Learn how to implement custom fonts, create a responsive design, use jQuery, LESS, and more.



The building blocks of the web. HTML is the layout, CSS is the style. By the end of this course, you will be comfortable with both of these languages. You will be able to structure and style websites for end users.



The most widely used language in the world, and it's only growing in popularity. You will learn the fundamental concepts in JavaScript (variables, conditional statements, functions) and touch on using some third-party JavaScript libraries like jQuery.

Class Schedule

Lectures and Labs

After getting acquainted with general computing concepts, we guide you through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. After each module we let you team up and work on a lab.

Introduction to Computing Concepts

  • The internet, DNS, and servers
  • Security concepts
  • Source control: git
  • Code Editors
  • Website project structure

Understanding HTML

  • HTML elements and attributes
  • Document structure
  • Form elements, accepting user input
  • Media elements
  • Linking scripts and styles

Styling Your HTML With Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Selectors, rule sets, and rules
  • Typography, using and styling fonts
  • Box-sizing, positioning elements, and inline versus block elements
  • Responsive design, media queries, and flexbox
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS pre-processors: SASS, postcss, autoprefixer

Adding Functionality to HTML with JavaScript

  • Variables, data types, operators
  • Conditionals, basic logic concepts
  • Arrays and loops
  • Functions, callbacks
  • Objects, JSON
  • Scope
  • Document Object Model (DOM), manipulating HTML
  • Events, receiving user input
  • REST, APIs
  • Front-end libraries: Angular, React, jQuery

Enhancing JavaScript With jQuery

  • Selectors, the jQuery object
  • DOM manipulation
  • Events
  • Animations
  • jQuery Plugins
  • Ajax, making calls to APIs

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See What Some Of Our Students Have To Say

Covalence Graduate Carlton Lewis Play

Carlton Lewis - Full Stack

After his time in the military, Carlton wanted to transition into technology. Now, Carlton teaches other students how to code with the America's Promise Grant through Innovate Birmingham.

Covalence Graduate Carlton Lewis Play

Rachel Hart - Full Stack

After graduation, Rachel went to work as a Microsoft .Net Developer. Further proof that you can pickup any language you want after Covalence.

Covalence Graduate - Clay Anderson
Clay Anderson
Full Stack Developer

Covalence provides all the tools necessary for you to effectively reach a new level of expertise as a programmer. The instructors are very, very knowledgeable and approachable to help you get past problems you’re stuck on. Part of getting better is finding the answer yourself too. If you trust yourself to be disciplined and mildly intelligent, you can do it. Don’t be intimidated. For those looking for a career change, do it.

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Covalence Graduate - Chase Brasfield
Chase Brasfield
Full Stack Developer

I joined Covalence because I was ready to take the next step in advancing my career. So many valuable things happened during the 10 short weeks. I made several great friends, I was introduced to multiple resources for job placement after the program, and I learned more in those 10 weeks than I ever thought possible. My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner!

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Cost Varies By Location

All students are required to have a laptop in order to participate. Please contact us if you have any questions about the laptop you want to use. NOTE: Chromebooks are NOT allowed.