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The Catalyst Experience

We designed our Catalyst program to simulate an in-person bootcamp experience without sacrificing all of the advantages that an online program offers. Catalyst is a 12-week fully immersive online bootcamp that entrenches you in a cohort with up to 10 other students, a dedicated instructor, and a daily schedule to accelerate you to your first job as a developer.

Dedicated Instructor

Our instructors will meet with you DAILY via a webinar with your cohort and through live 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Time-Tested Curriculum

With our digital lectures and optimized curriculum layout, you're able to watch (and rewatch) our content as much as you need, wherever you are.

Peer Groups

No need to worry about struggling alone. You'll be progressing through the curriculum with your Catalyst peers - just like in an in-person bootcamp.


There are a maximum of 10 seats available in each Catalyst cohort. This guarantees that your instructor is available for you and your peers - not hundreds of other students.


Each cohort group has an assigned Covalence instructor that keeps you accountable on a daily basis and provides help when you need it the most.


Our Catalyst program provides more value at a better price than ALL other full-time bootcamps, and with SkillsFund, you can finance your tuition and living expenses until you find a job.

As a Catalyst student, you'll have full access to the Covalence Community, which includes our exclusive Catalyst only Discord channel, premium content releases, job postings, network of alumni, staff, and other peers completing the Covalence curriculum.

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The Timeline

  • Commit to Catalyst

    You may be wondering why this is on the timeline, but it's actually a very important decision point in this process. The Catalyst program is a full-time commitment, and it should be taken seriously.

    If you've been considering taking a coding bootcamp and you want the reinforced structure and camaraderie of a traditional bootcamp construct, then Catalyst is a perfect option for you.

  • Catalyst Prep


    Once you commit to Catalyst, your next step is to purchase your seat and then complete our Onboarding and Catalyst Prep courses.

    This introductory course will teach you the fundamentals of programming and web development, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is mandatory that you complete this course prior to the first day of Catalyst so that you can hit the ground running when your cohort begins.

  • Immersive Lectures, Drills, and Labs

    6 Weeks

    Our streamlined Full Stack Developer curriculum is one of a kind. We've carefully selected the right topics and presented them in a unique lecture and lab format that teaches you exactly what you need to know to become a software developer.

    During these six weeks, you'll be learning new concepts through video lectures, drill exercises, and lab assignments that will populate your GitHub profile. You'll also be required to attend a daily webinar check-in with your assigned Catalyst instructor, and you'll be able to rely on the camaraderie of your cohort peers and the rest of the Covalence Community to help you along the way.

  • Paired Capstone Project

    3 Weeks

    At the end of the first six weeks, you'll be placed in a team with your peers, and together you'll work towards the completion of your Capstone project which will be a culmination of all of the skills and tools that you've learned up until this point. You'll also have the opportunity to mentor students that are beginning their Catalyst program, which will only help you grow even more as a software developer.

    These projects are your opportunity to showcase your skills to potential employers, and as a Catalyst student you will have even more real-world experience since you will be working remotely with your peers via the Agile Software Development methodology. We'll teach you how to pace yourself and work in a SCRUM team, and you'll collaborate with Git source control to manage your team's code.

  • Enter the Developer Workforce

    ...and the Covalence Community!

    Once you finish your Capstone project and graduate from the Catalyst program, you'll be a software developer. But your journey doesn't end here, and unlike most of our competitors, we also don't kick you to the curb with a hearty, "Good luck!".

    You've made it to this finish line, but the Covalence staff and Community members will still be here to help you find your first job as a software developer!

Our Curriculum

At Covalence, we believe that JavaScript is the best language to learn when starting out. Web browsers (like Chrome) only understand JavaScript, so if you start with Ruby or Java, you'll still need to learn JavaScript. When you're first starting to code, don't over complicate it by learning two languages at once.

Covalence Teaches HTML5


Covalence Teaches CSS3


Covalence Teaches JavaScript


Covalence Teaches NodeJS


Covalence Teaches ReactJS


Covalence Teaches Bootstrap


Covalence Teaches MySQL


Covalence Teaches MongoDB


Covalence Teaches Heroku


Covalence Teaches AWS


Covalence Teaches GitHub


Covalence Teaches React Native

React Native

Fundamentals of Programming

All programming languages share constructs like loops, conditionals, functions, and more. We start by enforcing these fundamentals so that you will be able to pick up any programming language with ease.

Front-End Development

Applications need user interfaces in order for the user to interact with them. We'll teach you how to create web and mobile interfaces using the latest frameworks like ReactJS and React Native from Facebook.

Back-End Development

When a user interacts with an application, data needs to be saved somewhere, and that's where back-end technologies come into play. You'll use NodeJS to authenticate users, create APIs, and communicate with the database. NodeJS allows you to use JavaScript on the server, and it's the most popular back-end platform.


Your server needs to store data, and that's done in a database. There are several types of databases, and we'll focus on the most popular: MySQL and MongoDB (NoSQL).

Agile Development

It's vitally important that you learn to work in teams because when you get your first job, you won't be alone. Agile is a methodology for managing software projects, and you'll be using it heavily during the project phase of the class.

Your Instructors

Matt Landers

Matt Landers


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After being hired at 19 by Microsoft, Matt spent 10 years as a Software Architect. He started Covalence so others could experience the same success he did.

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Will Johnston

Will Johnston


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Will has been coding since he was 12, and after graduating Georgia Tech, he went to work at Microsoft on the Modern Apps Center of Expertise.

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Luke Przekwas

Luke Przekwas


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Luke loves to learn the frame data and code behind games he plays, and loves to help others discover a similar passion in their lives!

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Jackson Carr

Jackson Carr


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Jackson graduated with a degree in Physics, and after attending the very first Covalence class, he decided to help others discover their passion and change their lives by learning to code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We designed this streamlined curriculum to take students from novices to junior-level developers. We walk our students through multiple languages from beginning to end and reinforce concepts learned in lecture by having them work through drills and fully-featured labs assignments. These labs allow students to solidify concepts with learning-by-doing, which is an essential part of learning to code. Our highly qualified instructors ensure that our students are able to grasp concepts and help them learn how to correct any mistakes along the way.

Yes! Our Full Stack curriculum, whether it is completed through our Molecular or Catalyst Program, prepares our students to graduate as junior-level software developers. In addition to programming skills, students will learn how to polish themselves professionally via career resources provided by our Student Success team and will be prepared to apply and interview for developer positions.

Yes! The primary service that Covalence provides to you is live support from our full-time instructors and staff.

Molecular is our part-time program that takes 6-months to graduate. In Molecular, you can join any of our 5 daily live webinars that cover different topics, and you will have a weekly one-on-one mentoring session with an instructor.

Catalyst is our full-time program that takes 12-weeks to graduate. In Catalyst, you join a specific webinar every day, and you have access to your dedicated instructor throughout the day for live one-on-one mentoring sessions as needed.

For the Molecular program, absolutely! We created this program due to a high demand for a part-time option for our intense coursework. You are able to complete the Full Stack Developer curriculum through the Molecular program in 6-months by committing ~20 hours per week.

For the Catalyst Program, we discourage students from having full-time jobs while enrolled in a Catalyst cohort. It will be very difficult for you to keep up the accelerated pace of this immersive experience if your time is split between it, your job, and life in general. The Catalyst Program is a full-time commitment in and of itself, so if you are considering it, treat it with the same consideration you would give for a full-time, in-person bootcamp that you would attend from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Molecular students will be expected to commit at ~20 hours per week to the curriculum in order to graduate in the 6-months.

Catalyst students will be expected to commit at least +40 hours per week to the curriculum, and that includes mandatory daily webinar sessions with instructors. Some students may need to spend more time than that to fully understand and utilize the curriculum.

We have job prep resources produced by Covalence staff members that are vital to the career success of our students. These resources include regular career guidance webinars, resume and cover letter workshops, and resources on preparing for interviews and technical problems.

We stay on top of job postings and new openings in order to share them with our students and alumni as soon as we find them. When students begin to apply for these positions, we make sure to reach out and connect with employers looking for talent.

Yes! you can get financing through our partner, SkillsFund. SkillsFund will cover your tuition and living expenses while you take the course.
To get qualified for financing through SkillsFund, go here:

Yes, you will need your own computer for our class. We require a Mac or PC with the most up-to-date operating system.

Note: Chromebooks are not permitted due to software limitations.