Finally, a bootcamp built for you.

Your schedule. Your budget. Your ambitions. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a self-paced subscription that you can start (or stop) at any time, or if you're looking for a fully-immersive, career-changing bootcamp – we've got you covered with our best-in-class Full Stack Web Development curriculum, passionate instructors, and interactive developer community.

Self-Paced Options

Our self-paced plans are just that: self-paced. That means we won't be looking over your shoulder to see if you're coding or not, so these plans aren't the best option for those that are seeking an immediate career change. Although, if you're looking for an amazing community to immerse yourself in while learning from a great curriculum, you can't go wrong with our self-paced plans.

Our self-paced plans feature all of these benefits and perks:

Master Full Stack JavaScript by coding real projects with React, Node.js and Express, and MySQL

Complete over 50 labs and start curating your own portfolio

Join a community of over 1,000 fellow developers at all stages of their career

Receive help from real people when you need it most

Access exclusive features within Gravity

We have two options for self-paced students: Atomic and Molecular.



For the 1st month, then $79/mo

For the self-starters.

  • As an Atomic student, you receive all of the benefits and features mentioned above.

  • Learn Full Stack JavaScript and receive real-time support.

  • You control your pace and subscription – start or stop it at any time.

Start Today



For the 1st month, then $199/mo

For motivated learners that want personalized feedback.

  • As a Molecular student, you receive everything in our Atomic plan, plus:

  • Personalized lab reviews and priority support in Molecular-exclusive community channels.

  • Yep, you're still in control of your pace and subscription.

Start Today

For most students considering self-paced learning paths, they find everything they're seeking and more from either our Atomic and Molecular options, but we like to keep things transparent with our students. Here's what our self-paced plans don't include:

1-on-1 mentoring sessions and daily webinar office hours

Career-ready features and guidance such as resume and cover letter prep or additional networking resources

A final assessment, capstone project, or Certificate of Completion (aka, the Covalence Antidegree)

For those benefits, you'll need to consider our premier training program that has been continually refined over five years with hundreds of successful alumni: our immersive software development bootcamp, Catalyst.

But wait, there's more!

Our Subatomic Plan

If your curiosity isn't satisfied but you're still not sure if we're the real deal, you can try our Subatomic plan and upgrade if you need more coursework and features. It's only $5 for the first month then $25/mo thereafter. You can preview our curriculum, start coding real projects, and join our community for the price of your go-to skim milk double-mocha-latte at Big Bucks Coffee Co.

GitHub Student Developer Pack

If you're a high school or college student, you can receive one free month of our Atomic Plan through our partnership with GitHub Education. Just click the Learn More button below and follow the instructions to redeem your GitHub Student Developer Pack offer with us. You must be a verified student with GitHub in order to redeem this.

Immersive Options

If you're looking for intensity, accountability, and immediate results that will push you toward new personal and professional heights, then look no further than our Catalyst Software Development Bootcamp. And trust us – if we could call it something less intimidating – we would, but it's the perfect descriptor.

You won't receive any participation trophies here. We also don't rubber stamp assignments or treat you like a statistic to make us look and feel better – for ourselves or for would-be investors and/or acquirers. You won't need some arbitrary minimum GPA requirement or standarized test score to enroll and receive an overpriced piece of paper at graduation, either.

Instead, you'll find a 21st century trade school that trains skilled software developers for 22nd century careers by expecting you to learn the one thing you're actually going to be doing day-in and day-out: read, write, and understand software.

Catalyst students experience the absolute best learning environment that we have to offer, including:

Our best-in-class Full Stack Development curriculum and full access to our interactive developer community

Personalized help from passionate, full-time instructors that you'll know on a first name basis

1-on-1 mentoring and mental health check-ins

Daily webinar office hours

A portfolio-worthy capstone project

Professional career services and guidance

And your Covalence Antidegree after passing our comprehensive final assessment

What will I learn?

Short answer: Full Stack JavaScript for web and (hybrid) mobile app development. For a more thorough answer, check out our syllabus:

We have two programs for Catalyst students: Part-Time and Full-Time. Both programs are completely online with flexible start dates (i.e., rolling admissions), and they both have the same tuition: $9,500.

Catalyst (Part-Time)

  • Program duration: Approximately 7 months

  • Next start date: Any Monday after successful admission.

  • Location: Everywhere - we're completely online and fully remote, and we have been since 2018.

  • Tuition: $9,500

  • Financing available* through Skills Fund

Catalyst (Full-Time)

  • Program duration: Approximately 3 months

  • Next start date: Any Monday after successful admission

  • Location: Everywhere – we're completely online and fully remote, and we have been since 2018.

  • Tuition: $9,500

  • Financing available* through Skills Fund

How do I get started as a Catalyst student?

Step 1: Schedule a Consult

We want to learn more about you, what brought you to us, what you hope to achieve through our program, and how we can help you do that.

After your consult, we will send you detailed next steps for your personal admissions process.

Step 2: Prep Course

If you decide we're a good match, you'll purchase our prep course for $50 (a one-time application fee). This will signal to us that you're seriously considering your enrollment, and it will allow you to join our community and learn the fundamentals before you officially enroll so that, when you do, you can hit the ground running on day one.

Step 3: Commit

We'll be helping you every step of the way as you're completing your prep course assignments and finalizing all of the details for payment and enrollment dates, but it's ultimately up to you to commit and officially enroll. Once you've completed everything on your admissions checklist, you'll be able to officially start your journey as a Catalyst student.

Still skeptical?

We get it. All of this may sound way too good to be true with an admissions process and student experience focused on you and tuition costs that are much less expensive than comparable programs. And without "job guarantees", boatloads of money raised from Valley Venture Capitalists, or a terrible Twitter addiction, how can you not be skeptical?

So, don't take our word for it, take theirs:

We were named a Best Online Bootcamp by Course Report. Two Years in a Row.

Course Report 2019 badge
Course Report 2020 badge
Austin's headshot

Austin Davis

Catalyst (Full-Time) Graduate
Software Developer at Sigao Studios

Covalence was one of the best choices I've made for my career. They provided training and insight into cutting edge tools for web-based software development. The instruction was excellent, and I could tell they really care about their students. They also have a vibrant online community on Discord, where instructors, fellow students, and alumni can help each other solve problems and learn, or even just chat. I was very impressed, and their Catalyst course was critical in helping me land my first job in web development. I can't recommend Covalence highly enough.

Megan's headshot

Megan Solga-Slater

Catalyst (Part-Time) Graduate
Front End Developer at Collegis Education

Covalence has been an invaluable and well-rounded learning experience for me. I consider myself tech-savvy, but not a gadget geek by any means, and Covalence had a great mix of easy-to-follow video lectures and labs, while also challenging me to find my own answers as I progressed through the curriculum. It became evident that this was their intention: you can’t always have the answers provided to you, so you as the developer need to go out and find them sometimes. I felt like I wasn’t simply being taught to be a developer, I was learning on my own how to be a developer.

Betsy's headshot

Betsy Bailey

Catalyst (Full-Time) Graduate
Product Manager at PaySplit

I came to Covalence knowing absolutely nothing about programming but eager to create a new opportunity for myself. I was initially anxious about my lack of experience (I had no idea what JavaScript was) but was relieved to find out many of my classmates were in the same position. Covalence's instructors are undoubtedly what secures their program's reputation as a five-star boot camp experience and sets them apart from other programs. If you are willing to dedicate personal time to your learning, this curriculum is designed for your success.

Chris's headshot

Chris Smith

Catalyst (Full-Time) Graduate
Web Developer at JWEB Solutions

Joining Covalence to learn how to code is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was in retail/food service for 10+ years before deciding to learn how to code, and Covalence was exactly what I needed. The way they have their courses set up build perfectly to teach you what you need to know. The people they have teaching and meeting up with you are super helpful and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend Covalence to anyone interested in coding!

Josh's headshot

Joshua Holland

Catalyst (Full-Time) Graduate
Marketing Engineer at Shipt

Covalence taught everything from the basics (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript) to frameworks, building server code, authorization, third party APIs, databases, and more. The best thing about Covalence is definitely the support you get from the top notch instructors and alumni. Even after graduation you can ask questions in their community and expect quick replies. I did the full-time bootcamp and in 3 months learned more than I ever could've expected. I have recommended this program to so many peers and will continue to do so!

Read More Reviews

You've got questions. We've got answers.

We've included some of the most frequently asked questions below, but feel free to browse our knowledge base for more information.

Unfortunately, we can't answer this for you. The truth is that it's completely up to your personal circumstances and ambitions.

To help you make that decision, we recommend you first pinpoint exactly what you're looking for in an educational program. Do you want to take it easy and learn something casually with a guided path to follow without worrying about making this an immediate career transition? Sounds like our self-paced plans would be a good place to start, and you can choose the one with the features (and price) that fits your needs the best.

If you know you're already looking at immersive bootcamp programs, you should spend the majority of your time evaluating our Catalyst program. If you're already employed and can't quite quit your job, then ask us about our part-time option; otherwise, if you want to make a career change as fast as possible, the full-time option is there for you.

We see students join our community from all walks of life – from baristas to bartenders to teachers to MBA students to stay-at-home moms re-entering the tech world – and what works for one student doesn't always work for another. That's why we offer our quality education several different ways at affordable prices. If you're still not sure, just reach out to us for help and guidance. It's what we're here for, and we're always happy to help!

Subatomic, Atomic, or Molecular students can start (or stop) subscription plans at any time. You can self-manage your plan settings in your Profile in Gravity. If you need assistance, just let us know. Students enrolled in our immersive program (e.g., Catalyst) cannot start or stop at any time once enrolled.

You're perfect - and you've come to the right place! Our entire purpose is to train complete novices into employable software developers, no matter how much previous experience you bring to the table. Of course, it always helps if you have some previous experience, but it is absolutely not necessary!

Haha, we're really glad you asked! It's pretty simple: we think what we've built here is really great. Our curriculum and instruction has literally changed students' lives, and we want to make that as affordable as we possibly can while still staying in business. At the end of the day, everything we do is for you - our students. We haven't raised a boatload of investment money that we have to produce a return on like almost all of our other bootcamp competitors. We set our prices based on what we need to to pay responsible, living wages and benefits to our full-time instructors and staff so we can keep doing this (and improving it with new features, courses, and more) for as long as we possibly can. Our prices are set for you, not investors, potential buyers, or anyone else. If that sounds good to you, come join us. We don't think you'll regret it.

Absolutely not! We really hate this slimy marketing tactic that others in the industry tout as if it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you really read the agreements surrounding these "guarantees", you'll notice it's not a guarantee at all. It just sounds really good (too good to be true, even) to get you in the door as a prospect. You may not even be eligible for the guarantee, and chances are you won't remain eligible for it. If you do everything they ask you to do in the "Eligibility Requirements" for said guarantee, you're going to definitely get a job. If you don't do those things to a "T", you're no longer eligible for a refund. Oh, and it's not a job they're guaranteeing: they only guarantee you a job OFFER. It doesn't matter if that job offer doesn't pay you enough or if it is out of range for your own requirements in the job search. If it fits their own definition of a job offer, then they've fulfilled their obligation of the guarantee and no longer have to give you a refund, even if you don't accept the job. See? Slimy, innit?

At Covalence, instead of spending time with lawyers coming up with shady marketing gimmicks, we spend our time on you: teaching you want you need to know to be successful as a developer. We're also real with you: landing that job is going to be hella hard, but we're here with you every step of the way, and we teach you the tools and topics you need to know to produce value for any employer on day one. What you do with those tools and topics are, ultimately, up to you. Guarantee be damned.

You can. Let's say you start out just giving us a try with our Subatomic plan. You decide that you really want to keep learning more with us with more support. You'll simply upgrade to the Atomic or Molecular plan. Just cancel your current plan and sign up for your new one in Gravity, or you can let us know and we can manage this for you. We do not recommend doing this frequently, but if you know you want to upgrade (or downgrade) to a new plan and stay there, it can make sense to switch. (Note: This does not apply to our immersive plans.)

To make things more clear for prospective students, Molecular+ is now our Catalyst (part-time) program. This better reflects the value and intention of this program: our Catalyst program is meant for students seeking an immediate career-change (regardless if they are part-time or full-time students), and those students require all the features that come with an immersive program whereas our Molecular subscription plan is meant to provide more support features than our Atomic plan for students that are learning at their own pace.

Atomic or Molecular students that complete our Full Stack curriculum and cancel their current plan will have the ability to purchase a sustaining Alumni membership for only $19/month or $199/year. This membership plan not only allows you to maintain access to our community, curriculum content, and event calendar in Gravity, but it also allows you to continually support the company and our mission. (And we can neither confirm nor deny alumni-exclusive beta testing slots for future features and products...)

Catalyst students have an additional twelve months of access after graduating at no additional cost before they can also access the sustaining Alumni membership to extend their access.

Catalyst students (and only Catalyst students) receive a certificate of completion – the Covalence Antidegree – once they pass their final assessment that's given at the end of our Full Stack Development course.

The Covalence Antidegree is issued digitally with a unique verifiable hash on a blockchain ledger. It can be embedded on your LinkedIn profile, portfolio, or linked to separately to verify your certificate's authenticity.

All of our subscription plans (Subatomic, Atomic, and Molecular) are self-paced, so it totally depends on how much time you spend learning the material and interacting with your instructors in the Covalence community. For these plans, there are no time limits or restrictions. You can take as long as you need to learn the material and master it; however, there are some rough guidelines listed in our Syllabus.

Our Catalyst program is a fully online, immersive bootcamp program that most closely resembles an in-person learning option in its duration, intensity, and expected student outcomes. In Catalyst, we expect our full-time students to spend a minimum of 40 hours per week learning; part-time students are expected to spend at least 20 hours per week learning. It is recommended that you have as much overlap during normal business hours (approximately 8 AM to 6 PM Central) so that we can support you as much as you need, and there are attendance requirements for the daily webinar office hours for our Catalyst students. The Catalyst program has strict program duration requirements, and we recommend this option for students that are either unemployed or are looking to make a very swift career change as fast as they possibly can.

You don't actually need a powerhouse of a computer to code. We recommend having at least 8GB of RAM (memory), 128GB of SSD storage, and either MacOS X or Windows 10 as the operating system. You won't be able to use a Chromebook or iPad, and if you're a Linux user, we unfortunately can't support any of those distributions while you're in the program.

Any Apple computer built in the last ~4 or so years (as long as it meets those requirements for RAM and storage) will work just fine for our program. If you're planning on learning iOS-specific development after our course, you'll need to buy an Apple computer for XCode.

If you're more familiar with Windows, we recommend refining your search to computers with at least an Intel i5 processor (or equivalent performance) and bumping up the RAM to 16GB, if you can. If you have a budget or specific computers in mind, you can always send 'em our way by asking for feedback in our community, and we'll let you know whether they would work or not.