Jeff Linn

Full Stack Development

I’ve always had an interest in finding out the inner workings of things. This interest led me to seek a career as an audio engineer, puzzling out how music works from the listener’s perspective. As an audio engineer, I toured the world, mixing live music for crowds of thousands. Now, as a full-stack web developer, I look forward to creating great experiences for millions of users.


Jesse Payne

Full Stack Development

I am a composer, singer/songwriter and a recording artist at CMI Records. I had designed websites early in my music career and had limited experience with HTML and CSS. The opportunity to learn full stack development excited me for many reasons. I hope to be able to apply my knowledge of acoustics and music with web development and to continue seeking new possibilities in technology and the arts.


Ellis Demuth

Full Stack Development

I left college to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I took a couple part time jobs and then happened to hear about this program from a friend. I had always been interested in computers and programming and was thinking about going into it as a career but had never heard of a good way to accomplish this until Covalence.


Subash Karki

Full Stack Development

I have always been fascinated to see the technology advancing every day, and how its impacting our daily life. When I heard about Covalence, I was like “THIS IS IT”. Now, I am excited to see how far I can go when I graduate from this program.


Rachel Hart

Full Stack Development

I am an explorer of life with a passion for so many things, but especially education and technology. While working closely with Java developers to assist with troubleshooting, a seed was planted which has now grown into my enrollment in the Full Stack Development program at Covalence.


Robert Hill

Full Stack Development
I work at South Cypress, an e-commerce flooring retailer located here in town. We formed an agreement that I would work part-time while I attend Covalence, and when I finish, return as a full-time employee with new responsibilities.


Matt Pasker

Front End Development

I have been interested in software development for quite some time. When I learned about Covalence and its success in helping students learn to code I knew it was the push I needed. I am excited to learn new skills and transition to a new career in Birmingham's growing tech industry!


Charley Pickney

Full Stack Development

I am originally from Birmingham, studied architecture at UT-Austin, and studied photography at UAB. I joined Covalence in an effort to develop a new set of skills that can take me down a new path in life. I hope to be able to pair these new skills with my passion for photography, and have a specialized focus in terms of programming and development.


Austin Lettow

Front End Development

I graduated from Auburn University in 2010 with a degree in Finance and little direction on where to go next. After holding positions in sales, and most recently, as a Project Manager for a local telecommunications company, I was still left with a lack of bearing on where I wanted my career to go. When I learned of the Full-Stack Development course with Covalence, I knew it was the resource I have been looking for to learn skills and tools necessary to make a positive change in my life and career.


Dylan McCartey

Full Stack Development

Coming Soon


Greg Peranich

Full Stack Development

I previously worked in the Finance world, but always had an interest in the creativity that comes with computer programming. After a year of self-education, I decided it was time for a change. I’m excited for the opportunity to study at Covalence, and to turn my hobby into a career!


Christopher Fleisher

Full Stack Development

In my previous life in NYC I worked in finance initially as an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs and most recently as a partner at HG Vora Capital, an event driven hedge fund. My time in the relatively antiquated world of finance made it quite clear to me how valuable development is as a skill set. When I learned about Covalence I was really excited to learn from experienced instructors as I transition into the world of development with a similarly motivated and engaged group of peers.


Camille Parks

Full Stack Development

I was a mechanical engineer in a past life. I stopped working for Hewlett-Packard and moved to Birmingham to get married and have children. Now that my children have both started school, I’m ready to rejoin the tech community. I’m enjoying learning programming and eager to become fluent.


Shantanu Sahai

Full Stack Development

I graduated from UAB in 2010 with a bachelors in Computer Science. In the years since my graduation, I have held positions in the auto industry, the healthcare field, and also the construction thermal processing industry. I finally reached a point where I realized my passion lied in problem solving and programming. I finally decided to follow my passion and found the program at Covalence as the best resource for my style of learning, hence I decided to enroll here.


Wayne Burris

Front End Development

I am currently an in-store Dairy Clerk (GRS) at Publix. I am excited to be a student in the first-ever evening front end development class at Covalence! I'm learning how to code to change careers and I hope to use my shiny new coding skills to help people. I served in AmericCorps for a little over two years and have worked in many fields including woodworking, education, and retail. I like to play music (mostly blues), video games (mostly rpg's), and cook (mostly anything). Also, I have several very expensive but mostly useless letters after my name.

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