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We’re more than a trade school or bootcamp...

We’re a team.

And we’re on a mission to provide the best individualized educational experience for each student that joins our community. And, who knows, maybe we’ll change the way the world learns along the way.

Be the change.

Covalence was founded in Birmingham, Alabama, but we're committed to what we believe is the future of work: asynchronous and fully remote, and that’s how we train our students, too. Regardless of their previous experience, we provide our students with rigorous, in-demand curriculum and augment it with best-in-class coaching and support (from real people). And we don’t let any of that get in the way of life outside of work.

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Forget about scale.

We’re more interested in impacting 100 lives immensely than expanding our enrollments to 1,000 to meet nonsensical external expectations. We know our students by name and on a personal level, and we want to see them exceed their wildest dreams. We aren’t scaling for the sake of growth itself; we’re operating for the sake of staying in business indefinitely to continue serving our students to the best of our ability, better than anyone else.

Put people first.

From working remotely to providing benefits that actually benefit you, we measure success differently than other schools – and other companies, for that matter. Sure, we need to be profitable to continue to serve our students, but we also value our employees. You’ll never feel like a number here, and we strive to always make this a great place to do the best, most meaningful work of your life without getting in the way of you living it.

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Our Values

Serve first.

Provide exceptional service, deliver what we promise, and serve our students and fellow team members with pride and purpose.

Focus second.

Guard yourself from distractions that deter you from focusing on serving our students first.

Take ownership.

Don’t pass the buck. Own your successes and your failures. Learn from them, and move forward.

Keep it simple and smart.

Don’t complicate things that have a simple solution. Everything doesn’t have to scale, but if there’s a smarter way to do it, do it.

Give a damn.

Our education is often transitory for our students, but the impact it has can be life-changing. Don’t forget that.

Be intentional.

All actions have consequences. Treat your work, your words, and your actions with the respect they deserve.

Our Team

Tiny yet mighty. Calm and consistent.

Jackson Carr

Loitered around long enough until he got this job. Does a bit of everything as the resident Jack of all Trades.

Matt Morgan

Expert-in-residence in the greatest web framework you’ve never heard of: PlatypusTS.

Luke Przekwas

Coffee connoisseur, D&D enthusiast, and SSBM expert. Consistently achieves 16 frames GALINT.

Andrew Cartwright

Cat dad to Lunatic (no, really) & Co., The One With Ubuntu, and the “Always Green!” Lab Review Queue.

Our Benefits & Perks

Work here, there, anywhere

We operate remote-first, so go ahead and get the job done from wherever it is you call home. In a world full of Jamie Tartt’s, be a Roy Kent.

Earn a living wage

Our minimum pay is equivalent to the average starting pay for our Catalyst alumni, which is $60k per year, before other incentives and company-paid benefits.

Calm, cool, collected

We may be a “startup”, but we enjoy calm, 40-hour workweeks that enable us to do our best work. No high-stakes melodrama in the conference room here.

Medical insurance

Insurance should bring you peace of mind, not a pain in the ass. We have great health, dental, and vision plans from BCBS, and we pay the majority of the premium cost.

Save for retirement

On day one, you’re enrolled in our 401(k) where we contribute 3%, even if you don’t. If you do, you can choose between Traditional or Roth and all the Vanguard index funds you can imagine.

Take time off

We love what we do, but we also need some R&R to do it well. Recharge with three weeks of PTO every year, plus 10 federal holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Oh, and your birthday.

Open Positions

If we’re hiring, we’ll have our open positions listed below. Go ahead, take your shot. We don’t bite.

Ready to change your life?

Courses. Coaching. Community. Careers. It’s all here.

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