Change your career without fear.

How helpful is that $10 discount course you bought in a flash sale but never used? Frustrated by how little your 4-year degree prepared you for a real job?

We get it, and we're different. We designed & developed the 21st-century Technical Trade School for you, so you can become a Software Developer by, y'know, actually writing software.

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Welcome to Covalence

The Technical Trade School built to train tomorrow’s workforce today. We’re here to quickly and efficiently equip you with the skills you need to jumpstart your technical career. And we make it super simple to get started.


Join the Community:

Start with our no-strings-attached, all access subscription or purchase one of our standalone courses to get started.


Pick your Path:

Learn at your own pace, or go as fast as possible by enrolling in our Immersive Catalyst Program.


Learn, then earn:

We equip you with the tools of the trade, teach you how to use them, and launch you into the workforce so you can find a better paying, more fulfilling job as a Software Developer.

The first thing you should know about us...

We don’t follow a standard. We set it.

Learn and work anywhere.

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At Covalence, we've been training developers since 2015, and we've been doing that 100% online since 2018.

We didn’t haphazardly throw together a Zoom meeting because of COVID in 2020 and still charge you for student housing (even though you weren't allowed on campus).

Instead, we focus on what matters most to you: perfecting our learning platform, continuously refining our curriculum, and personalizing each student’s educational experience.

No standardized tests here.

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No pay-to-play admissions scandals, either. Hell, we don’t even give you a grade – and we never will.

Because at Covalence, you aren’t competing against your fellow students.

We need you to show up, do the work, master the material, and be receptive to feedback. Because that’s the job of a software developer – and that’s what we’re here to teach you.

Keep calm and code.

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Learning anything new is hard, but it can feel impossible when you’re by yourself with no one to answer that “stupid question."

(#1: There are no stupid questions.)

But when doubt creeps in, you quit before you even get started. That’s why we’re here: to put a real person in your corner that can answer your questions, alleviate your doubts, and build your confidence as you build your portfolio – even if we’re worlds apart.

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Average student-to-instructor ratio at Covalence
Austin Davis
Software Engineer @ BondLink
Covalence was one of the best choices I've made for my career. The instruction was excellent, and I could tell they really care about their students. They also have a vibrant online community on Discord, where instructors, fellow students, and alumni can help each other solve problems and learn, or even just chat.
Evan Norton
Owner/Game Developer @ RetroMMO
If you are determined to learn to code and not afraid to jump right in, Covalence is probably a great fit for you. I really enjoyed my time at Covalence and am optimistic about my coding career thanks to the skills I learned in the class.
Megan Solga
Front End Developer @ Collegis Education
Covalence has been an invaluable learning experience for me. I felt like I wasn’t simply being taught to be a developer, I was learning on my own how to be a developer.
Chris Smith
Full Stack Developer @ JWEB Development
Joining Covalence to learn how to code is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was in retail/food service for 10+ years, and the way Covalence has their courses set up builds perfectly to teach you what you need to know. I would absolutely recommend Covalence to anyone interested in coding!
Eric Moran
Front End Developer @ StreetMetrics
I really enjoyed my time at Covalence. The videos were very well done, and the labs did a good job of assessing my knowledge of the material. I can’t say enough good things about the instructors.
Jennifer Farnish
Software Engineer @ Altec
Becoming a developer was something I had wanted to do for quite some time, but was unsure of how to get there. Luckily, a friend recommended Covalence to me and it sounded like the right option. I'm not sure I would have ever gotten to this point on my own and for that I am very grateful for Covalence.
Josh Holland
Software Engineer @ Shipt
Starting Covalence was something I was nervous about at first. I had no coding experience whatsoever before Covalence and was somewhat blindly jumping in. The pre-work had me hooked from the beginning. Once you have the confidence in yourself, and the team at Covalence behind your back, it is hard to not succeed.
Paula Suarez
Software Developer @ Ulterra Drilling Technologies
If you do not have software experience and you want to learn how to code, this is the program for you! If you have experience and want to continue your learning, this program is for you!

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