Change your career without fear.

Are you tired of paint-by-numbers code tutorials that leave you with more questions than answers? How’s that $10 get-what-you-pay-for discount course that you bought but never used? Are you frustrated by how much that 4-year degree didn’t prepare you for your first job?

We get it. We were frustrated, too, so we reimagined the 21st-century technical trade school. And then we built it – for you.

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Welcome to Covalence

The technical trade school built to train tomorrow’s workforce today.

We’re here to quickly and efficiently equip you with the skills you need to jumpstart your technical career. And we make it super simple to get started.


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Sign up for a free account in Gravity, our self-built learning management system. This is your entry point into all-things-Covalence.


Pick your path

Purchase a course or enroll in our immersive bootcamps to take full advantage of everything our community has to offer.


Learn, then earn!

Our courses equip you with the tools of the trade, and our coaching teaches you how to use them successfully.

The first thing you should know about us...

We don’t follow a standard. We set it.

From flexible start dates to multiple learning pathways, everything we do is intentionally designed so that we can meet you where you are now, not where you need to be. Because your education should work for you as hard as you work for it.

Learn (and work) anywhere.

Covalence is a remote-first company. We believe in facilitating the change we want to see in the world. We didn’t throw together a Zoom meeting because of COVID in 2020 and still make you pay room and board. Instead, we sold our office in 2018 to focus on what matters most to our students: perfecting our supportive services, centralizing our curriculum, and personalizing each student’s education.

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No standardized tests here.

No pay-to-play admissions scandals, either. Hell, we don’t even give you a grade. And we never will. Because at Covalence, you aren’t competing against your fellow students. All we need you to do is show up, do the work, master the material, and be receptive to our feedback. Because that’s the job of a software developer. And that’s what we’re here to teach you.

Keep calm and code.

Learning anything new is hard, and it can feel impossible when you’re by yourself with no one to answer that “stupid question” (psst, there isn’t one). When doubt creeps in, you quit before you even get started. That’s why we’re here: to put a real person in your corner that can answer those crazy questions, and to build your confidence as you build your portfolio – even if we’re worlds apart.

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The Covalence Advantage

Online courses usually suck. This is why ours don't.

Learn from a real-world curriculum.

There are plenty of colleges that’ll waste your time & take your money. When you come back, you can tell us all about the powerhouse of the cell. We’ll teach you employable skills to land a job (so that you can afford to pay off your student loans).

Get by with a little help from our friends.

Whether you’re looking for #bootcamp-help or want to add to our cat collection in #pets-of-covalence, our community is always here for you – at your lowest and your highest points on this journey. We’ll help you through it, one day at a time.

Write software – from day one.

At Covalence, you learn by actually building real projects in real development environments. Not to pass a class, but to truly understand a concept. It’s more work for us this way, but it yields better long-term results for you.

Receive feedback from real people.

There’s not just one way to do something with software, but software doesn’t always understand that. People do, and we’re here to help you truly understand why and how something does (or doesn't) work.

Catalyst was critical in helping me land my first job in web development. I can't recommend Covalence highly enough.
Austin Davis

Austin Davis

Software Engineer

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Ready to change your life?

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