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This is just a sample of some of the employers that have recognized the tremendous talent of our alumni.

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Founded by Developers for Developers

After working at Microsoft as part of the Modern Apps Center of Expertise, our founders started a software company, Platypi, where they created a cross-platform application framework, PlatypusTS. After realizing how difficult it is to find developers, they started Covalence, and in doing so they created a vibrant developer community.

Matt Landers headshot

Matt Landers


Matt's story has inspired many of our students to become developers. Read it here.

Will Johnston headshot

Will Johnston


Will's been coding since he was 12. He was selling server administration software at 15.

Matt Morgan headshot

Matt Morgan


Matt's not your typical developer. Growing up in South Florida, he loved to wakeboard, but he's also quite the nerd.

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Full Stack with create-react-app!?

Start learning today by joining the Covalence community, free for 30 days. We use create-react-app and express to make a super fast, fun, ...

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React Hooks: Custom useForm Hook

Note: this video is part of Covalence's Full Stack bootcamp Learn more about us at: In this walkthrough, we're gonna make a custom ...

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Anagrams or Gasman Ra ?

Hello there! I'm Luke! I'm an alumni of the Covalence Full Stack course and now an instructor here as well. In this week's video, we're discussing anagrams.

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The No-BS Blog

We keep it real and honest. Real honest. Because that's what matters. Read more on the blog.

Covalence Catalyst Program

Developer Education Without Compromise

Matt Landers -

How 2 years changing student's lives with in-person classes shaped our online vision for a robust developer community.

My Road to Microsoft by 19 Years Old hero

My Road to Microsoft by 19 Years Old

Matt Landers -

When I was getting into tech, the industry was much different. Not everyone had computers, and there were no smartphones.

4 Must Have Qualities to Take a Coding Bootcamp hero

4 Must Have Qualities to Take a Coding Bootcamp

Matt Landers -

Coding bootcamps aren't for everyone, and if you are considering taking a bootcamp, you need to have these 4 traits to succeed.