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We focus on Achieving Confidence

Our Full Stack course focuses on achieving confidence in creating a fully functioning website from start to finish. Ideal for potential web development students, and anyone who wants to gain new knowledge and skills for their current job or enhance their professional portfolio.


Ideal for anyone

The Full Stack courses focuses primarily on end-to-end JavaScript. JavaScript is the most widely used language in the world, so we know it's here to stay! You'll learn how to build a backend in NodeJS, the basics of frontend development, how to create your own custom application programming interfaces (APIs), and finally how to connect to backend SQL and NoSQL databases.


Our instructors are top notch

Founded by a team of former Microsoft Engineers, the Covalence program provides a curriculum created by the industry's top developers. Our instructors are trained by the best and are dedicated supporting the next generation of software engineers.

Our Requirements

All students are required to have a MacBook in order to participate in Covalence's Full Stack Course. If you currently own a MacBook or would like to buy a used/refurbished one, please ensure that the model you purchase can run macOS Sierra.

Chromebooks are NOT allowed.


The building blocks of the web. By the end of this course, you will be comfortable with these markup languages, and be able to structure and style websites for end users.


It's not going away. In fact, it's only gaining momentum in the development world. We will mainly focus on the fundamental concepts in Javascript (variables, conditional statements, syntax) and touch on using some third-party JavaScript libraries.


When you log into Facebook, what you see is different than what your grandma sees when she logs into Facebook. This is possible through the use of code that determines who is logged in, and gets the relevant content specific to that user. Due to the sensitive nature of this code, it's kept on a server to keep the website secure and safe from attacks.


Databases allow information to be stored, retrieved, updated, and deleted. Understanding databases is essential to backend development.


You'll learn how to create your own API so that your website can talk to your backend securely. And because there's no need to reinvent the wheel, our Full Stack development course will teach you to interact with and make use of third-party application programmer interfaces. API, CRUD, REST, JSON, HTTP -- you will also be learning a lot of acronyms.

Handpicked Prework

We've carefully chosen our prework to give you a solid insight into the world of web development and a jumpstart on the Front End curriculum.

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Covalence Headquarters

The Covalence Headquarters are located in Birmingham, Alabama.

To find a location near you, visit our Locations page.


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