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10-Week Fully Immersive Coding Bootcamp. No experience required. Learn how to create web and mobile apps from the front end to the back.


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We Teach You How To

Coding is powerful. It enables you to create just about anything digital that you can imagine which is why developers are in such high demand. At Covalence, we focus on the fundamentals so that you can code in any language that an employer requires.

Coding Fundamentals
Covalence No Experience Required

No Experience Required

It may be hard to believe, but you really can learn to code through Covalence without any prior knowledge of software development. Many of our graduates started with no experience and are now using the skills they gained while enrolled at Covalence to succeed in their career.

Technologies We Teach

Covalence Teaches HTML5


Covalence Teaches CSS3


Covalence Teaches JavaScript


Covalence Teaches NodeJS


Covalence Teaches ReactJS


Covalence Teaches Bootstrap


Covalence Teaches Angular 4

Angular 4

Covalence Teaches MongoDB


Covalence Teaches MySQL


Covalence Teaches Amazon Web Services


Covalence Teaches Phonegap Cordova


Covalence Teaches GitHub


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Full Stack Means
User Interface to Database.

In this class, you learn everything from Front End Web Development to Backend Database and API development. We teach you with NodeJS and JavaScript so that we can focus on 1 language during the class, but you'll be able to pickup C#, Java, Python or any other language you want with ease after you learn the fundamentals. Our graduates are employed using a myriad of different frameworks and languages.


Web Apps

Web Applications

From websites to web apps, you'll learn how to build everything that you use on the internet. We start with the fundamentals of how the web works and take you on a journey through all of the technologies that allow simple websites to be built as well as massive web applications like Facebook and others.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

If you're like us, you've had a million app ideas, but now you're going to be able to bring those ideas to life. We'll teach you the ins and outs of using the skills you learn to get mobile apps onto the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.



From SQL to NoSQL, you'll be reading, writing, and sometimes wiping (oops!) user data that personalizes your application's experience. Databases allow information to be stored, retrieved, updated, and deleted.

Backend APIs

Backend APIs

You'll learn how to connect to any service on the internet like Facebook or Reddit. We'll also teach you how to create your own Application Programming Interfaces that allow others to connect to your data.

Teach yourself to learn

We teach you how to teach yourself.

Sounds a little funny for a school to say that, doesn’t it? But, that’s what really sets us apart from the pack. We equip you with the ability to teach yourself any language, framework or technology that your job will require of you. We do this by teaching the latest technologies with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of being a software developer.

The reason we do this is because languages and frameworks come and go, but the fundamentals are pretty consistent. You need to be 100% self-sufficient when you graduate. Its what employers expect, and it's why they keep coming back for our grads even though we don't teach every technology that they use on their projects.

Class Schedule

Lectures and Labs

The first 7 weeks of the class follow the same format. This is where you "drink from the fire hose". We throw everything we've got at you, and you absorb it like a sponge. You'll feel overwhelmed, but that's how you learn. The struggle is real, but you'll come out on the other side ready for the project phase.

Lecture - 9am-12pm

For the first 7 weeks, you'll have lecture in the mornings. The instructor will present new concepts, walk through code, and you'll code along with the instructor.

Lunch - 12pm-1pm

At noon, you'll break for lunch and get a chance to catch your breathe from lecture.

Lab - 1pm-5pm

The only way to learn to code is to actually code, and in this course, you code a lot. The first 7 weeks, you'll code all afternoon, and our instructors and TAs will be there to assist you when you get stuck.

Homework - 5pm-?

Some days you may finish your lab, and other days, you won't. If you don't, you can stay in the classroom with your cohort or take with you and finish it at home.

Final Project and Graduation

The last 3 weeks of the program are based on projects. In the 8th week, you're assigned to a group of 3 developers. For that week, you'll complete a project that is assigned by the Covalence team. The final two weeks, you and your team will come up with a final project, and you'll work to complete it in those 2 weeks. At graduation, you'll present your final project to employers, friends, and family.

Covalence Directed Project

In the 8th week, we'll assign you and your team a project that you'll work on together. Everyone in the class will be working on the same project, so you'll be able to cross-collaborate with other teams.

Final Project

In weeks 9 and 10, you'll work with your team on a project that you choose. The project will must be comprehensive in that it utilizes all the concepts you learned in the class. You will be absolutely amazed at what you're able to build after just 10 weeks in the class!

Student Success

During the class and especially when you graduate, you'll work closely with our Student Success department to get your resume updated and apply for your first job as a Junior Developer!

Over 100+ Graduates and Counting!

BHM - Fall 2017

Birmingham Full Stack Fall 2017

CHA - Fall 2017

Chattanooga Full Stack Fall 2017

BHM - Summer 2017

Birmingham Full Stack Summer 2017

CHA - Summer 2017

Chattanooga Full Stack Summer 2017

BHM - Spring 2017

Birmingham Full Stack Spring 2017

BHM - Fall 2016

Birmingham Full Stack Fall 2016

BHM - Summer 2016

Birmingham Full Stack Summer 2016

BHM - Spring 2016

Birmingham Full Stack Spring 2016
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See What Some Of Our Students Have To Say

Covalence Graduate Carlton Lewis Play

Carlton Lewis - Full Stack

After his time in the military, Carlton wanted to transition into technology. Now, Carlton teaches other students how to code with the America's Promise Grant through Innovate Birmingham.

Covalence Graduate Carlton Lewis Play

Rachel Hart - Full Stack

After graduation, Rachel went to work as a Microsoft .Net Developer. Further proof that you can pickup any language you want after Covalence.

Covalence Graduate - Clay Anderson
Clay Anderson
Full Stack Developer

Covalence provides all the tools necessary for you to effectively reach a new level of expertise as a programmer. The instructors are very, very knowledgeable and approachable to help you get past problems you’re stuck on. Part of getting better is finding the answer yourself too. If you trust yourself to be disciplined and mildly intelligent, you can do it. Don’t be intimidated. For those looking for a career change, do it.

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Covalence Graduate - Chase Brasfield
Chase Brasfield
Full Stack Developer

I joined Covalence because I was ready to take the next step in advancing my career. So many valuable things happened during the 10 short weeks. I made several great friends, I was introduced to multiple resources for job placement after the program, and I learned more in those 10 weeks than I ever thought possible. My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner!

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