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Covalence is a proud sponsor of RetroMMO

Covalence proudly sponsors Evan Norton, a Covalence Catalyst alum and creator of RetroMMO.

RetroMMO Sponsorship

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Instead of giving Big-E-Corp more of our marketing budget, we decided to take a different approach and sponsor individual creators – especially those that use a tech stack that is relevant to what we teach – in exchange for some shout outs and support. It may not be the "most ROI" in terms of marketing dollars, but it makes us feel a helluva lot better than just increasing our Google or Meta ads budget. When we pay a creator that we know personally, we know that money is going to support an individual, a family, and it will be put into something far more impactful for them instead of padding a nondescript line item on a P&L statement.

When we decide to pilot the Covalence Creators Initiative, Evan was the first person we reached out to about it.

We've been big fans of Evan ever since he was a student in our Catalyst bootcamp back in 2018. Even back then, he had lofty aspirations and dreams of developing his own game, and we always looked forward to hearing about the progress he was making on RetroMMO while he "ascended the leaderboards" of software developers.

When he informed us of his intentions to go full-time on RetroMMO, we thought it made perfect sense to help him make that leap by sponsoring his daily Twitch streams where he live codes development of RetroMMO. If you use his referral code when you enroll or purchase a course, you'll also be helping him realize his dreams of creating RetroMMO – and, who knows, maybe one day you'll be sponsored by us, too.

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Covalence brought me from zero web dev knowledge to career-ready, and I had a great experience start to finish. I am stoked to have them sponsoring RetroMMO because I can honestly and genuinely recommend their program, 100%.
– Evan Norton, Creator and Owner of RetroMMO


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